Sales Playbook for Professionals

Designed by car people, for car people.

Plan your year, track your targets, crush your goals.

Tim knows a thing or two about setting goals. He’s spent 2 decades discovering, disrupting, and redefining what it takes to be successful in the sales arena.


The planner designed to move metal.

Equipped with over 300 pages of mapping, tracking and reporting, the Sales Playbook for Professionals is the quarterly planner designed to help you boost your grosses and sell more cars.

Single Playbook

Not quite ready to commit? Purchase a single Playbook. One payment, one book. Test it out and get a feel for the success it can bring you. Once you see your results, we'll see you again. 


Quarterly Subscription

Pay quarterly and get a new Playbook sent to you every three months. Never miss an opportunity to achieve your goals and boost your business.  


Annual Subscription

One payment, four Playbooks. Stop wishing for success. Instead, make it happen. Pay once and forget about it. We'll ship you your new Playbook every three months so you can put your focus where it's needed: your business. 


Monthly & quarterly

Goal Setting


Action Plans

daily, monthly & quarterly

Tracking and Reviewing

If you don’t track your stats, how are you ever going to know if you’re on track to achieve your goals? Knowing exactly where you’re strong  and where you’re weak will give you an edge your competition will never be able to overcome.

skillfully crafted

The planner designed to feel good using it.

• 7.6" x 9.75" dimensions
• 312 pages
• Hardcover
• Lay-flat binding
• Two placeholder ribbons
• Elastic band


 I am able to focus on my goals and compare them to last months, as well as [stay] organized through a busy day. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Brittany Auger

With the playbook I have each day planned out and always have my game plan for the next day. I have not been this organized ever and it's amazing.

Lawrence Lee Smith

I ABSOLUTELY love the Playbook. I am a very busy consultant and this book keeps me on track Daily, Monthly and Yearly. I find my self more organized then ever before! Highly suggest picking one up and using it!

Ashley Snifeld

It's by far the best investment that I have made in my time selling cars! It's a must have for your team.

Logan Jackson

Tim’s playbook keeps it simple and helps our salespeople achieve better results and reach bigger goals. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take their sales team to the next level!

Brandon Utley

Single Sales Playbook


Quarterly Subscription


Annual Subscription


About The Sales Playbook for Professionals Creator, Tim Kintz